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Zac Forever Young
- A Documentary


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Sharing the love of Jesus Christ

Love And Life Media Group exists to continue the work started by Zac Young, who the day before he died made clear his vision.

"I, Zachariah Micah Young, am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and it is my mission to share the love of Jesus Christ in every major city in the world".

Through events such as Love Thy Neighbour, and the Documentary Zac Forever Young, Zac's mission continues today.

Zac Forever Young - Documentary Synopsis

"Zac Forever Young" explores the extraordinary supernatural events that unfolded not just in the last year of Zac's life, but also in the lives of his friends after he died. Life, death, and the transformative power of Jesus Christ are just a few of the themes that emerge as the documentary follows threads of faith in the midst of tragedy.

Kevin Young’s journey. A first look.

Although these interviews with Kevin Young were recorded as a part of the documentary, this 16 minute featurette is neither an excerpt of the final film nor a promotion for the project. It was edited by the director at the beginning of the project as an experiment, opening the first page of the book, so to speak, to see if, and how, God might speak through it. 
Take a look and judge for yourself.
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Geoff Young

Documentary Writer, Producer, Director

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Every good thing happens because good people make it happen

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Port Macquarie, situated along Australia's eastern coast, had never before witnessed an evangelist quite like Zac Young, a remarkable individual. Whether he was interacting with people at pubs, clubs, on the streets, at the skate park, schools, or even by the surf, he embodied the essence of unconditional love. Surprisingly, he was a mere 19 years old.

Tragedy struck when he fell victim to a shark attack.

This pivotal moment gave rise to two significant occurrences. A staggering multitude, numbering in the thousands, congregated for his funeral, marking the largest assembly Port Macquarie had ever witnessed. This event unveiled the profound impact Zac had on countless lives. Even more astonishingly, in the wake of this tragedy, an increasing number of individuals embraced Christianity and underwent baptism. Zac's friends persisted in sharing the message of Jesus, the divine influence persisted, and a notable multitude embraced faith.

Remarkably, Zac's journey as a Christian spanned a mere two years. Before that, in his own words, he grappled with weekend intoxication, sought attention at parties, and caused disruptions during his schooling. The transformation he underwent within such a brief span is truly inconceivable. Upon firmly establishing his personal belief in Jesus Christ, he dedicated himself to authentically following the path illuminated by Jesus. The impact of what transpired through him from that point onwards continues to yield fruit even today.

Following Zac's complete surrender to Jesus Christ, a series of peculiar events unfolded. These continuous occurrences of minor "miracles" became the cornerstone of his testimony, a narrative he shared with others on a daily basis. Remarkably, even after his passing, those who had been close to him began to experience supernatural phenomena.

Approximately three months before his demise, Zac started expressing to others that God intended to bring him home early. He confided in his father and many friends, asserting that he wouldn't live long enough to marry.

Ironically, contrary to this anticipation, Zac was resolute in his belief that he was called to spread Jesus Christ's love not only within Port Macquarie or Australia but across every major city.

Strangely, these exact words constituted his final diary entry, penned on the day of his death.

Coming to terms with the tragedy of the shark attack remains a challenge for many. However, for certain individuals, particularly his father, it served as impetus to follow in Zac's footsteps, living out the mission of spreading and embodying God's love. In a sense, the attack marked the inception of a new journey. The narrative of people's lives, woven from the point of Zac's passing onwards, is intricate, inexplicable, and imbued with the supernatural.

Fast forward ten years, an unexpected turn of events has unveiled a message for the Church from the intricate tapestry of stories that have unfolded. This message holds relevance for our present times, especially as we navigate the days leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

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Be a part of the team bringing this important story to the big screen

A word from the Director

My name is Geoff Young, and I've been in the film and television industry for well over 20 years. I've travelled the world for many different projects, some secular and others of faith. This project, to tell the story of Zac and what followed his death, is very different to anything I've worked on in the past.

There is something remarkable that the Holy Spirit has purposed through Zac. I am convinced his faith still echoes, still causes palpable ripples, today. As much as this is a project where we tell something of Zac's life, I feel like what God is doing is much bigger, larger, and for the benefit of the Church globally.   


The workers who were hired two hours before the end of the day, in this parable Jesus tells how all who were hired received the same pay, regardless of if they'd been at work the entire shift or just for the last two hours. You can check out the full story in Matthew chapter 20 verses 1 to 16.

In this parable, we have always focused on the nature of God's generosity and the nature of God's kindness. But perhaps there's more here for us to understand. From Zac, I'm seeing this in a new light.  

Perhaps the workers that came last received the same pay because they got as much done in two hours as the rest of us got done in ten. Perhaps through them, God did what is only possible in the supernatural. And perhaps then Zac is a beacon as to what is about to start. Perhaps God is now doing a new thing, and accelerating the work of his servants as the sun dips beneath the horizon for the last time.


Your support, along with our volunteers time, enables Love And Life Media Group to continue the ministry started by Zac Young.

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